What Do You Meme?

I am sorry in advance for all of the non-football fans.

Granted, yes – I know … Philly fans suck.

But do we care….. no… not really.

This man brought happiness to a city full of people that woke up way too early and didn’t get their coffee. Permanently.

I can still remember walking around my living room like a kid about to give a class presentation watching the Eagles take down the best Dynasty we have seen yet in all of football. WITH OUR BACKUP QUARTERBACK!

Sorry… just had to remind everyone that that one happened.

Anyway- this miracle moment has birthed this miracle meme, BEHOLD!

Now to explain this for everyone- this is Nick Foles, the quarterback that ACTUALLY won us the Super Bowl. Carson Wentz was our starter for the year that had gotten us to the playoffs but ended up getting hurt.

This assignment went really well and honestly, it was a lot of fun. I ended up calling my Mom midway through to talk about the night this all happened and to remember how good of a time we had. All you need is a photo and a meme motive. Happy memeing!