My Favorite Photo

As you guys will have known from one of my previous posts- my dog Frankie is my best friend. One of my favorite photos I have ever taken (albeit not one of my best) is of Frankie standing in one of my childhood home doorways.

The reason I love this picture so much is that not only does my little brother look like a total badass- it tells a story. Every time anyone saw this picture they would be TERRIFIED to come to meet my dog in person. Little did they know Frankie is the sweetest dog on this Earth and he wouldn’t hurt a fly unless they tried to hurt me. I didn’t even know Frankie could bark until the vacuum cleaner got a little too close Four or Five years into us having our little guy.

All you need for this assignment is one of your previous photos. I’d say this assignment went well and turned out equally as well- it’s always nice being able to see my little guy especially now that I can’t everyday.