Story Outline

Original Post:

“Honestly, I really want to take the premise of my Minecraft writing assignment and my “Strapped Into The Machine” concept and run with it.

Really have some kind of “survival story” that ends up being a plot twist with some kind of eye-opener at the end.

I’d probably choose to have it based around a kid our age and have it be some “Lord of the Flies” type of story but have it based on going through “real life” instead of being stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere.

I honestly really like bringing the Dystopian levels of suspense and “horror” (for lack of a better term) – and applying it to more realistic situations. Messing with peoples’ heads in an overall innocent way is EXTREMELY fun for me with writing.”

I still want to take this approach but now I want to have it be where I screen record parts of the game and then add audio along with it. Maybe even some voice acting over it? I definitely think that if I take a similar approach to our radio show with this that I could knock it out of the park and scare the HELL out of some people (in a good way, of course)!

If I don’t take visuals from the game, I will most likely end up making it some sort of short film with my car and I. Have it have some shots of me staring out a window with sound effects of zombies knocking on the door/windows… maybe even have a clip of me flooring it down a street to get away. Who knows! The possibilities are endless!

Really what this comes down to is whether I want to continue my video game theme or take my head out of the clouds and try and do something with real-life (yikes…).

Whatever I choose – I’m really just happy that I’m finally excited to want to put a project together. I can’t take myself seriously so no matter what I do it will have some kind of humor factor in it. If it’s scary – it’ll be scary as all hell but instead of jump scares, you get humor scares/fake jump scares. If it’s serious- the same kind of ordeal just done in a more real-life manner. Some may even call this…

The joy of creativity!