Oh yeah, remixed flowers!

For this assignment I was randomly assigned and randomly remixed to create a prequel- or backstory on this flower.

Below is my story that I devised, some of it truthful- some all for the sake of entertainment.

The golden hill rolled as far as my eye could see, the wind blowing my hair whichever way it chose fit.

I had been walking for hours and felt like I was ready to collapse at any moment. I contemplated crawling to the top of this hill and just falling asleep and letting whatever happened, happen. I figured that the flowers lining the hills would give me good cover- even if I wouldn’t be able to breathe, stupid pollen.

As I lay amongst the golden-red sea, I pulled the stem of a flower to me to get a closer look. To my surprise, as I put my hand up to get the sun out of my eyes- I realized that this was my Aunt’s favorite flower, golden tickseed! 

God I remember the days we used to sit and laugh in her sunroom as we watched the flowers sway in the wind with the windows open.

I’d kill to see her again.

Now I’m just here wishing and wanting sitting on some random hill in… god fucking knows where. 

My body hurts, my head hurts, I don’t know when I’ll see my next meal… 

Life’s definitely been better. 

I laid my head back, closed my eyes, and hoped for the best.