Go Birds!

For this assignment, I was tasked with creating a graphic for one of my favorite sports teams. While I know this is probably a very unpopular opinion across the class – my favorite NFL team is the Philadelphia Eagles. Between family lineage and overall how I was raised- Philly runs DEEP through my blood. I mean hey, I could be rooting for worse teams! At least we can stick with a name 🙂 Had to… sorry.

It’s not perfect by any means- but it was nice being able to use photoshop again and try and see what I could and couldn’t do w/ minimal experience and a small break.

That being said, all you need for this is some photo editing service and one of your favorite teams. I used the object selection tool to take in-game action shots and copy and paste them onto the eagles’ background. I then used the ‘stroke’ feature to add a small highlight behind them to make it seem slightly more professional and put together.

One thing I really enjoyed that is a very small detail is the shadow behind Brandon Graham (#55) – I was able to create an outline of him and have it look like there are two of him. It’s a tiny detail but you would be surprised how much better the graphic looks with it compared to without it.

Overall, this was a very fun assignment and I recommend everyone give it a shot during their time in ds106 this semester. You don’t need an NFL team, it’s really just any team in general – and I’m sure you could stretch that to fit animes, other sports, or just a group of people in general.