Alien Bumper Cars!

I wanted to make this fun, serious, and suspenseful all in one. You have your generic bumper addressing the station, but then it almost feels like the end of a movie premiere in how it goes “you think you’re ready… but you’re not”. To create this all I used was Adobe Audition (way more complex of a program than you need), but audacity would do just fine. For context, we are making a Coroners tape tale that takes place in a space station. Wait till next week to see how it fully plays out!

Side note: to be completely honest I will probably try and rerecord my voice with my studio mic once I’m home on break- but besides that, I really enjoy being able to dive extremely in-depth with Audition and make some crazy cool sound bytes.

This assignment is generally easy to complete, but that all really comes down to how fine-tuned you want everything to be. I went a little overboard for “draft product” in the grand scheme of our radio story- but hey, I wanted to see what I could do with my first project on Audition.