About Me!

By day I am a studying Neuroscience student…. by night, boy racer ruthlessly navigating the backroads of the east coast or going on adventures and conquering dungeons throughout the World of Warcraft.

My main mediums to publish are photos and videos. I have dabbled in some audio things before… but not necessarily as much as I wish I could have. Here, you will be able to follow in my journey as I progress my photo and video skills as well as see me learn new tricks of the trade along the way.

First off, here is my introductory Instagram post where you can find one of my other big hobbies, cooking!


Then my YouTube video telling you a tiny bit more about me… and showing you the creator behind the madness.

Just a little party happening on Twitter to celebrate the starting of ds106…

Here is the theme song of my childhood, and something you will definitely hear me randomly sing at least once!