Happy One Minute, Sad the Next. Now I have an Oboe through my Chest!!!

Outside the glorious kingdom of Hardent, lay the sad sights of a story unfolded. An ODSC spartan sat along the outer wall, not a twinkle of light escaping from behind their visor. An arm lay ghoulishly detached off to the side- the fan of blood along the wall telling the tale of how it got there.

Now between you and me – seeing a dismembered spartan isn’t necessarily too out of the ordinary depending on who you roll with. What happened AFTER that… that’s the haunting part.



Sorry. Not professional. Seriously though… how BADLY do you have to piss off a grunt for them to not only rip your arm off… but stick an… oboe? Through your chest? Oboes are barely even found on this planet, let alone used as weapons!

All I can think of is my man was having an intergalactic affair and his misses found out… otherwise, I’m hopping in an emergency pod and LEAVING. I can’t be here while there are random serial oboe’ers out there!! No sir- not me!

Here are my daily creates for the week- hope you enjoyed the tie in short story lol. I was going for a little cut-scence cinematic during a campaign kind of vibe. Below are my creates:

Backward Poem:

Do What You’re Told:

City Creation: