Who’s My Hero?

No one can move mountains quite like my Dad. There is no one on Earth that I admire more than my Father. From overcoming numerous health complications, living on his own when he was a kid, having a successful job despite poor education, and building a beautiful family- all I’ve ever wanted to be since I was a kid was just like him. 

Yet, he always told me to never be like him. Ever since I was a kid he always told me to do better than him, surpass him – never, ever strive for anything less. So in a weird way, I guess he’s my competition. 

While I always understood what he meant, it never sat well with me. How? How in the world do I keep up with someone that I view as unstoppable? Well, here’s another point as to why I admire my Dad so much – he always tries to pass down whatever knowledge he can. He didn’t have the greatest parental roll of the dice… we’ll say that – so he always tries to make up for what he never had. 

He has bestowed countless immeasurable lessons upon me which have all led to who I am today and how I conduct myself. He holds me to the highest standard, even when I don’t necessarily hold myself to the same regard. He has helped me avoid meretricious situations and has steered me along a bright path. He breaks his body for the sake of supporting our family and honestly I have no idea how he pulls it all off. My dad is my personal superhero, and honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s been incredibly hard not only for me to have my Dad (and Mom… Hi, Mom) stationed overseas, but also them. Yet, he does it for the sake of being able to allow my Mom to experience the world and to be able to provide for the rest of my family back here in the states. 

He scares the shit out of me with the hospital visits, but we’re able to find humor in it anyway. I laugh like my Dad, joke like my Dad, and always try to make people laugh like him. He could be a professional stand-up comedian if he wanted to and didn’t let himself get carried away. Think Joey Diaz meets Kat Williams if he’s unleashed and then when he’s being careful it’s just a hefty array of dad jokes. Still good dad jokes, but… they’re dad jokes. There’s only such a peak that can be reached, y’know?

While I’m not necessarily allowed to know what my Dad does for work, which drives me nuts- all I’ve ever heard from his co-workers is that he’s amazing to work with. The way that people talk about my Dad is just like how I am describing him to you now. Granted, I know him better than most so I get a little bit extra- but you get the gist. I want to be someone like that, someone that no matter who you talk to that has even heard of them, has worked with them, or knows them personally. I want to be someone that is described by a good work ethic and bettering everyone’s life that I am in, no matter how involved. 

I know I’m sounding like quite the fanboy, but I can’t help myself. I think the most impressive day for me with my Dad is when I found out he was in fact touchable. Now you may be sitting there going, WTF- he just went on and on about how he’s invincible????

Well… he’s still my superhero, but we all have our own struggles. Knowing that my Dad does all of this all while battling with lord knows what just impresses me and makes me love him all the more.

Shoutout to everyone’s Dad who has impacted them in any way, small or large. 

Love you, Schmoop (if you see this)

I really needed to find a way to show my Dad how much I appreciated him. Him and I have a solid relationship, but sometimes its hard to convey the things we want to. 

As far as what you need to complete this assignment- just you, a functioning brain, and a will to write about whoever inspires you daily.