Weekly Summary

This week was chaotic – but pretty fun! I really enjoyed being able to delve into photoshop more and be able to do it with subjects that interested me and not be forced into generic photoshop assignments. To be completely honest (excuse the french) – this week has been a shitshow and DS has actually turned out to be almost… a relaxer (?) this week? I for once don’t have too much to say… this was a pretty cut and dry week. It was overall fun as I said and I pushed myself, but not so much so to the point where it felt tedious and cumbersome to complete things. Below you will find links to all the work I did- I am most proud of my design assignments! Daily creates this week were okay, they didn’t really seem like they needed too much involvement which was unusual but, hey- I’ll take it this week. I hope everyone has been doing well and keeping up with their assignments!

Daily Creates:

Blitzing the Design Lines:

Car and Driver Cover:

Point Blank:

Go Birds! :