Weekly Summary for Week 4

This week was ROUGH – I can’t even lie. I had to tap into a lot of things I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with and I had to fit it all in while having EIGHT exams, THREE Labs, and a full week’s worth of work shifts! You can say I wanted to pull my hair out to be kind….

Honestly, it was really rewarding getting all of this work done on top of everything else- however it still was really hard as I mentioned. I had a lot of fun with everything this week and I am glad I have slowly started to build/rebuild upon some photoshop techniques and just overall having a camera or phone in my hand to create with. I am hoping to FINALLY have my real camera working again so I can take some rolling photos of cars or just better quality photos in general for the class.

The daily creates this week took me by surprise and honestly the low-grade humor behind them made my week more than I realized.

Below is the metric ton of posts I did this week:

Daily Creates:


Say What?

What Do You Meme?

No New Friends, No New Friends, No no no no no no newwwww:

My Favorite Photo

The Concert I Never Got:

From Pistons To Pencil:

Better Photos: