Week Two Summary

Week two! This week was much smoother than the first, albeit more work. I think I’m starting to find my rhythm and I really enjoyed the creative freedom I was able to exercise this week. To find more on my creative processes, please check my explanations on my assignments. I didn’t have any real expectations of the course this week, rather more expectations of myself on just staying on top of things and putting my best effort forth.

Here’s what I’ve done this week!

All my daily creates for the week: http://dcfcreates.com/uncategorized/daily-creates-for-week-two/

Survival Story: http://dcfcreates.com/uncategorized/alone-in-the-forest-with-two-bloody-hands/

Pawboost (HELP!): http://dcfcreates.com/uncategorized/please-help-me-find-him/

See this Flower? Find it. : http://dcfcreates.com/uncategorized/see-this-flower-find-it/