Week One Summary

Week one! Overall this week went fairly well. It was a little intimidating seeing everything on WordPress all at once, but once I found my way through and chunked at it little by little, it got better. Honestly, I wasn’t really too sure how to feel about this class or this week in general. I kept my mind open and just kind of went with the flow. So far, this seems like it is going to be a ton of fun! I am excited to broaden my knowledge of digital media creation and to be able to have some creative freedom while I do it. Something that I really enjoyed was going through and commenting about the Bob Ross video. I really forgot how big of a role he played in my childhood/young life and it was really nice to be able to go back and experience that. While it is not necessarily the greatest thing ever, I am really proud of what I was able to accomplish with WordPress and my domain off the rip. A lot of this stuff is brand new to me and so far it’s all really exciting. While I haven’t gone crazy about anything (yet), I’m sure something down the line will send me down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole.

Here is the work that I completed this week (not including making the website itself!)

Bob Ross Post: http://dcfcreates.com/uncategorized/a-perfect-winter-day-by-bob-ross/

Intro Post: http://dcfcreates.com/uncategorized/about-me/

DS106 Goals Post: http://dcfcreates.com/uncategorized/ds106-goals/