Week 9

This week was fun for me because I got to continue to explore things I wanted to do. I knew that I was really enjoying getting better with audio editing/messing with it in general and that I wanted to try and get better with car photo photoshop. After I realized that I just went and picked my LEAST favorite as far as a finished product audio assignment and the car and driver magazine cover (as that’s really my only option for the photoshop) to redo. To be completely honest – while it’s not professional work I am really happy with what came out of this week product-wise.

As far as daily creates, having to tie them in together this week was honestly a pleasant surprise that I wish would show up one or two more times. It was just another example of how creatively free and fun this class can be sometimes. Never in my life did I think I’d be making up a story of a delimbed spartan outside a fake kingdom… but here we are! 😊

Here are the links to what I’ve done this week:

Daily Creates and their tie in:

Game Over redo:

Car and Driver redo:

Story Outline/Project Idea Continuation: