The Tapes Are Upon Us!

Show week! This week was a brutal workload, but I had fun while I was doing it. I spent the last 3 days and 12 hours editing individual wavelengths of soundwaves and lining up sound clips… you can see I had a thrilling time ahead of me. I lined the entire script for our show up and put a few custom sound effects in and then sent it off to the others to add their own special creative pizzazz to the show.

On top of editing everyone’s voice lines, I also had to record my own this week. I was pleasantly surprised with the audio kit from the HCC- the recorder I used had great audio quality and was super easy to use/upload files to my computer. To be completely honest… not how I thought that would go.

I’m so excited for everyone to be able to hear our finished product- I really enjoyed getting lost in the environment and feeling like I really was within our story. Although, I won’t be listening to it with you guys – I can’t bear to listen to those clips over and over again. It’s not cause I don’t like it… I’ve just heard the clips so many times I know exactly what tiny little 0.1 decibel issues I couldn’t fix remain. It’s like looking at a picture of yourself for too long… you ruin your own work lol.

Overall, the moral of the story of this week is shout out Adobe Audition. While it’s a crazy program that has a million things you can do- it really does have such nice quality of life changes that once I started to get a hang of it and get rolling, I saw exactly why it’s the professional program. I know nobody else cares, but I’m really proud of how much learning I did with audio editing and just production in general. While it’s abhorrently time-consuming- I had a lot of fun! I hope everyone got their show done on time and was able to enjoy/survive the first week back!

Afternote Edit: WordPress isn’t being my friend so I also have to include the brief additions of my weekly summary here so it will post. I really appreciate how poignant and respectful my group was this week. It was really refreshing to work with people who were being diligant, but relaxed, creating a very nice work environment. We all just kept taking ideas and running with them like children and to be able to do that and bring it all to life was something really special. It’s nice to have things that can be considered “fun work” in the midst of all my medical assignments. Sometimes you need a break from learning about things that can kill you to… make a show… about… things that can kill you. Shit.

Since my Radio Progress and other weekly comments are already here, please see below to see my Daily Creates for the week as well!

Once again, I hope you all had a great first week back! I cut my summary short since these two things kind of coincide with each other!

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