Summarizing Week 7

I am actually really, really excited for our radio show. I enjoy the direction we’re heading in and I really like my group and how we mesh well together. It was nice to have everyone creatively free and bringing their own individual assets to the table while all having a common goal. Not necessarily how group work normally goes…

This week was fun so it was less “taxing” (as all work is) than normal, but- and a big one, it was midterm week and the week before spring break so my mind may have been on vacation. I hope you all have a great and well-deserved break!

As far as daily creates- I really enjoyed the “Step up” this week for lack of a better term. It seemed like there was more to do and a little more creativity involved. Simple, but still in need of creative touch- which I enjoyed.

Lastly, as far as the radio show goes- I’m amped!

…Totally not becoming my Dad… it’s fine.

On a real note, things are going very smoothly and I’m excited to continue delving into it next week. From the cover, we have, to the bumpers and funny commercials, the overall theme/vibe of how things are going is great.

Once again, please enjoy the break and try not to be too overwhelmed by everything going on in the world.