Strapped Into The Machine

The day starts with grasping at my face – a weird contraption blowing air down my throat while I choked profusely.

 My lungs, chest … shit, everything – was on fire. 

I pulled the contraption from my face and was met with what can only be described as what felt like an anvil hitting every sinus possible in my face. 

“Okay…” I think to myself.

I sat wondering what in the hell could have caused such a sudden change, and then my vision went blurry. 

My head ROARED with pain along the base of my skull reminiscent of a fault line.

Nevertheless, I proceeded to get up and try and go about my day, nearly falling asleep the entire time. Each activity blends with the next… even if I enjoy it I can barely remember it. To me, 3 A.M felt like 3 P.M and 5 P.M may as well have felt like I was just waking up (even if I had been awake already).

Food tasted great – yet all it ever did was put me right back to sleep. Spending time with friends? Funny! 

“That can’t happen- you’re too tired, remember?” the pounding voice in my head said to me

Sleep became my heroin, to be completely honest.

I love it … then I hate it. I need it … but now isn’t the time.

I want it SO badly, but it will damage me further each time I decide to do it. 

What kind of twisted existence did I get signed up for? Which pathway did I take and why did it have a fork every fifteen feet?

“Ugh…” I thought to myself

My day had only just begun and it was already time to plug back into the contraption – as that seemed to be my only release from this twisted fate.

I leaned back, strapped in, and prepared for the wild ride through Rambo’s Execution Montage (REM).

This one was fun for me, to be honest. I decided to take a fun spin on some of my health issues to be able to convey at least in a quick and efficient way some of the things I deal with on a daily basis. Sometimes my health situation feels like a ball and chain that I just have to walk back into the house and greet every night after work.

As far as what you need and creative process(es) – all it takes is something to write with or on and a health-related issue or something that you struggle with in your life that you want to spin into a “survival story” to show how it affects you day to day.