Point Blank

Read starting with “Happy one minute” and continue down the left side of the screen, then move to the right and move down that side to read the poem how I originally intended it. Something that made me giggle while I was making this is that I accidentally matched the theme of the “joy of painting” in that I had my own little happy accident. The way I wanted to lay the poem out also happened to work reading it backward! Right side down, then left side down ended up creating another poem about the same topic – just with a different feel due to introductions, etc.

Pretty sure it’s obvious what drove me to create this – so I won’t dive into that one too much… for both of our sakes.

All you need to be able to complete this is some photo editing software and a poem of your choice. I ripped the background of this from an old nightcore music video that I used to watch when I was around 10-11 and then put my poem on top of it. Very cringy Tumblr teen – I know… I know. This was actually very fun for me to make though – I remembered more about photoshop than I thought I would and it was nice to see myself getting lost in making the little details line up.

This was really fun and I highly recommend giving this a try! It allows you to add even more emotion and emphasis to one of your works of writing without having to create a whole new piece.