Please help me find him!!!

Using the handy Pawboost tool provided to me by a fellow ds106 member, we can finally help find my beloved dog, Frankie!

Please do anything you can to bring my pitty back home, I miss him so much! I have had Frankie since I was in Fourth grade and he is practically my little brother. From wrestling full force (yes, I do mean actual wrestling), to running around outside – I have done/used to do everything with my baby brother. I really do miss seeing his run-up to the window when he would hear my cars come home or him running alongside them as I would leave to go to school in the morning.

Okay, okay, oKAY!! Calm down! Frankie is not dead… all is okay. I took this assignment as an opportunity to really see what it would be like once my dog does finally cross over. As morbid as it is, something that we as pet-owners all have to endure is that fateful day when life actually comes to a close for our beloved furballs. I have to be honest, my boy is old now, the time is coming up soon. Honestly, this assignment came at a perfect time- each time I go home may be my last with him, and I recently had to make an up and back day trip to my home. I only got to see Frankie for about 5 mins but in those five minutes I was reminded exactly why I love him so much and I’m as close with him as I am. I know everyone has a close relationship with their dog but Frankie and I grew up together and understand each other in ways that I just won’t be able to clearly communicate to you guys within a blog post. Over time he and I have learned how to read each other to the point where he almost knows exactly what I want him to do before (or if) I even ask.

While I don’t enjoy thinking about my lil’ bud leaving me – I enjoyed being able to write about something I am very passionate about. It was sweet in a sense being able to realize how lucky I am to have him in my life. Tell someone you love them today and if you can give them a hug- DO IT. You don’t realize how short life really is.

As far as what you’ll need for this assignment; I just used Microsoft paint. Fairly simple stuff, I didn’t go too hard on this one. I was more focused on telling you the story of my pet rather than the Pawboost ad itself.