How To Make A Meal to Blow Your Friends/Families Mind!

For my second video assignment, I decided to test the waters by filming a cooking tutorial. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to a full youtube style cooking video or a TikTok style and I was by myself- so I meshed them together. I obviously couldn’t do a full-blown professional video with just my iPhone and myself but I’m pretty damn proud of what I was able to do. Adobe Premiere Pro is incredibly scary at first but once I started to pick up on a couple of things (thank god I’ve used other Adobe products before), it started to become quick and fun. I had a lot of fun going all out on a recipe that I have been perfecting for a year or two. You do NOT need to go as fancy as I did on this. Fettucini or Angel Hair is a perfectly cost-effective alternative along with what I list in the video. The only addition that I normally would make that was unavailable at the time of filming would be to add some Parmigiano Reggiano before adding the parsley just for the extra wow factor. I promise you- this is easy, just have some patience. This meal will LITERALLY destroy your friends/family mind and is one of those “super fancy” things that really isn’t hard to make.

Editing this was a little bit more of a challenge than I was expecting, but after the radio show I couldn’t really bitch. Three to four hours was a lot better than 20+…. 😊

…Still fun, though.