Happy One Minute…

Happy one minute

Confused the next

Why have you left this bullet in my chest?

You swore, you swore

That you weren’t like the rest

That all my fears

Could finally be put to rest

Now here I stay

Sat at my desk

Trying to put all my ill feelings

To bed? To death?

Bigger things could spent with the wasted breath

That escape my lips about you when I am stressed

You made me happy one minute

You made me confused the next

What in the fuck are you gonna do next?

At first, I couldn’t rest

Then I failed all my tests

What happened to my old Kevlar vest?

You are just like the rest, just as vicious

Equal parts meretricious

I was always superstitious

I had a clue you became a misplaced item on the wish list

If I ever could manage it,

I’d return the favor and have you on the hit list

I’d make sure I didn’t miss

Deliver an equal size hole, bow-tied with a kiss

What did I ever do to you to deserve all of this?

This one was really personal for me.

I really don’t want to dive into it too much…

All you need to complete this is to write a poem about your feelings- either that day, in general, or something that’s been holding you back.

See y’all next post.