Game Over!

Not gonna lie… this one took way more effort than I thought it would. I had to spend about 2 hours figuring out different voice effects and tweaking things exactly how I wanted them. For this assignment, I was tasked with making a spooky audio, and I bent those rules to apply it to our space station tale for the radio story. I needed to make sure I was setting a spooky mood, made you feel like you were in Star Trek/Doom, and constantly had you picturing the black canvas with the white starred depiction of the galaxy that they use in Star Wars. To be honest I’m pretty proud because I think I accomplished just that! What I’m most proud of was I took an air pump from a bike and made that echo/stretched it just a tiny bit for my air lock noise. On top of that, I took an old clip from a video game and added a “walkie-talkie” (for lack of a better term) effect on top of it.

You can find it down below:

This was really fun and oh my lord can Adobe Audition do anything… it’s honestly creepy. I never thought I would be editing individual peaks and troughs of soundwaves… yet here I am!