Game Over!

For this rework assignment, I wanted to literally rework everything – by combining two audio assignments I had done. I wanted to have less of a space vibe and a little bit creepier one overall, while still retaining the “astronaut” feel. So… welcome to the creepiest hallway in a space station you’ve ever met. Sorry not sorry!

I wanted it to feel like you were alone in a loooooooooong hallway- with an Alien type situation in that it sounds like there is voices/noises coming from the vents. On top of this, I wanted to make it sound like the comms came from inside a suit- hence why I had the airlock to signify inside the room conversation and outside the room. With the ending, I wanted to let you know that this was like something out of a video game mission- usually a transition-type mission for the storyline. I wanted it to be serious enough in the beginning for you to not dismiss it, but know at the end that it was really just some dorky sci-fi game.

All you need for this is an audio editing program and a dream! Seriously though, I just started basic by adjusting volume levels and making things sound better overall (dehum/denoise) before I went into anything. From there, I just tried my best to take the ambience and environment I was creating in my head and translate it into the program.