Fresh Air in Fredericksburg!

I took some inspiration from Wade for this assignment! I saw him riding his bike to get fresh air as I was scrolling through the weekly front page and I immediately wanted to go drive my car and enjoy the beautiful day. I figured screw it- why not make it an assignment as well! So I asked my friend to hop in the passenger seat and try his best to get me some rolling shots. As someone who spends/has had eras where I have spent hours watching hours of automotive videos on YouTube, this one tapped into something special for me.

I’ve always watched the other people and thought, ” Man, I wish I could do that.” I’ve always made an excuse until now. Just threw something together said screw it and put it out to the public. It’s awesome to be in a spot where I can sit and have a cool enough car to feel like it’s worth sharing and to have the skills to make it happen.

Check out my quick tour/fresh air getaway of nearby Fredericksburg!