Car and Driver Cover

For this assignment, I was tasked with making a magazine cover, so I decided to choose one from my childhood – Car and Driver. Car and Driver are basically… well… used to be the hottest spot for any new automotive news (new production models, new variants, new lap records, etc). I decided to take a picture of my first race build and smack it on the front cover of car and driver so I could imagine what it would be like with it up there as well as pretend like I was writing a current piece of automotive news.

All that you need for this assignment is a photo-editing software (I used adobe photoshop), and a picture of your choice. The example photo was a Nintendo magazine- so really you can do whatever you want!

This was really fun for me and was a good way to ease into using photoshop for potentially “more complex” things in the future. I definitely want to try and become a little more professional with my cover/thumbnail making.