Better Photos

For an example of why the background is important, I chose this beautiful sunset.

While this would still be a nice picture if it was a regular sunny day- a rainy day might ruin it. Or if there was construction in the background, or… nothing there!

What makes this entire picture special is the magical-looking background of a sunset.

An example of why contrast is important is this picture of my old Audi S4:

I really enjoyed the different ways things popped in this photo. SO many things contrast each other and you can find a million different colors in this photo- yet somehow it doesn’t come off as offensive. It may even come off as plain yet it is anything but! It is simple craziness (for lack of a better term).

Finally, an example of why depth is important is shown here with Roxy

Does being this far serve me any purpose??? NO! None whatsoever! As you can see in one of my other posts, I ended up getting pickier, moving closer, and readjusting/balancing what was in the frame to create a better photo. Sometimes you need to be farther away to actually capture a whole object or sometimes you are just trying to make something SEEM like it is farther away. This is what depth can be used for. Don’t let depth drag you to the depths!